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High Availability Network Storage

Standard backup storage is fine for those simple backup jobs - but when needs are more complex, or you need to share storage between servers, High Availability NAS is the option you'll want.

Storage with 100% availability

The NAS disks are connected to 2 controllers that manage then, running as master and slave for redundancy. Normally the master handles the activity however in case of problems on the master, the master hands over the disks immediately to the slave which starts providing the service. This is all automatic and you and your servers do not notice any interruptions to data access or any file corruption.

You must have a Nexus Dedicated Server in order to use this service.

Array Size Price $
SSD Cache Max Partitions Type of Disk Backups Snapshots
Thin Provisioning RAID Array Partition Sizes Accessibility Protocols

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* VHD files (Virtual PC/Hyper-V) are not supported
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